Read on to find out how to fake fuller lips in 3 easy steps!

As we witness the growing trend of Kylie Jenner lips and a plumper pout, we decided it’s time to experiment! If you’re anything like us, you can’t help but marvel at lip-heroes, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson for their super pout status, hence our mission to get instant results (without surgery).

Make Up Artist, Elaha Novrouz boasts a following of over 20,000 fans for her hair and make up tricks, so we managed to grab five minutes with her to help guide us in 3 easy steps!

Elaha says ‘Your lips are your tools to conquer the world. The plumper they are, the more colours you can carry off instead of sticking to the same boring shades in your comfort zone. Achieving luscious lip goals needn’t be a painful process and you don’t have to inject, pull or torture yourself to get the fullness you need.’

TOP TIP: Before we begin, a healthy lip foundation is crucial. Crusty, dry lips won’t take to any technique you try. The smoother the glide, the longer your lipstick will last without touch ups.

Elaha’s pick: The Perfecting Lip Plumper from MD Formulations by Bareminerals.

It rapidly creates a visibly plump and smoother lip and uses a two in one moisturizer and long lasting emollients to give a softened appearance, taking away the roughness of cracked lines. Use overnight for best results.

  • Using a lip pencil that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour is the key to begin enhancing. Use it boldly to outline the outside of your actual lip line.

Elaha’s Pick: Lipstick Queen’s Lip Pencils.

Great for definition and contain natural antioxidants helping that conditioned look and feel. The pencils in this range hold onto lipstick shades all day so you won’t need to reapply your lipstick later.

  • Use a different lip liner that matches the shade of your lips exactly to fill in the rest of the lip area. Yes, the full lip should be covered in this lip liner colour. By this point, your lips should already be looking silky smooth and shiny, worthy of any colour you choose!
  • Take a lip brush and apply your chosen lip colour evenly across the entire lip before you highlight the inner centre. This can be done with a lipstick shade slightly lighter hue than the lipstick colour you used. If you don’t have the colour you need, you can use a shiny lip gloss instead but be sure to blend in the harsh edges.

Don’t be intimidated by dark colours now, you are in safe territory because your lips are prepped and ready for anything. Be daring!

Lipstick Queen – Velvet Rope

Elaha’s Pick for the centre lip blending: Lipstick Queen’s Vesuvius Lip Gloss.

The best thing about this lip-gloss is the jojoba ingredient, its a creamy texture and intensely rich with vitamin E. It doesn’t bleed, feather up or stick together. A total winner and available in six vibrant shades perfect for lip contouring for any occasion.

The process overall took us less than five minutes. Give it a go and earn 50 points on any product review you write for us.


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