Habits to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss undeniably hits us all like a depression attack. Men, women, and even teenagers experience this curse at least once in their lifetime. For some people, the chain continues to go on without pause and then a certain number of myths follow up.

They say that the hair loss pattern can be determined by taking one look at the family tree of the individual. However, when someone says that their hair loss condition is genetic, make sure to clear out the myth by explaining it to them that it is polygenetic. It occurs due to reasons other than genetic, for instance, hormonal disturbance, bad eating habits, and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, you can play your part by preventing this situation by getting adopting a few of the healthy habits mentioned below:

Stay Happy:

Putting a stop to anything that bothers you or drives you into stressful situations should be avoided in order to keep yourself away from the aspects that pull you towards it. Since the situation can also be triggered by depression, it is obligatory for you to stay happy by doing the things you love and following your passion. If nothing changes, then it might be time for you to consider a hair loss treatment Dubai.

Healthy Diet:

Eating healthy doesn’t always have to have an immediate impact, as you have to wait for the results to show up. Furthermore, when we speak about diet for the betterment of the texture of the locks, it is important for you to regard that if you are taking any medication, then verify with your doctor whether if the side effects can cause loss of hair or thinning. Make sure to include Vitamin A, C, B6 and B12 in your diet, along with folic acid, zinc, iron, and copper.

Hair Care:

Nothing is better than to care for the locks the way they deserve. If your hair fall count is 100 per day, then don’t expect it to decrease up to 50 after caring for it for a few days. Using a flat iron after every few days can result in split ends, other damages, and eventually thinning or loss. Use protective serums to keep them safe from the external damages and introduce yourself to the several kinds of heatless hairstyles that are in trend nowadays to steer clear of traction alopecia.

Using quality products for your hair care routine is something that most people neglect until they experience the unusual pattern of baldness or loss. Thinning and balding patches can be covered naturally with the help of an exceptional non-surgical hair replacement system in Dubai, as the grafts are particularly made keeping in view the original texture, tone, and volume that you once had.

Chemical treatments, mismanagement in the care of the locks, careless attitude during styling, and other similar aspects can damage the follicles, which means that there is a very less chance for you to reverse the condition of your strands and volume.


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