The Solution For Female Baldness

Going bald has always been traditionally defined as a condition pre dominantly associated with the suffering of men. But make no mistake. This menace, while plaguing the lives of men all around the world, is a terrifying predicament for woman as well. It seems unbelievable at first, after all, how many times have you seen a bald woman vs bald men? But that’s just it.

Women are better at hiding such dilemmas, while men may inevitably accept their situation, (many even pull off that bald rugged look that seems to be popular these days), the very concept of losing one’s hair to the point of baldness, is no short of a terrifying nightmare for women (They can’t even shave it of in most cases!)

And it gets worse, a quick look around the inter-webs seems to confirm our worst fears, there is no active treatment for female pattern baldness. The thinning of one’s hair is a very self-depreciating experience, you can almost feel yourself decaying away with every hair follicle. The mental burden is excruciating.

But why does this happen?

Your hair sits in miniscule holes in the skin called a follicles. Your hair propagates continuously every month from these follicles at an average rate of about half an inch per month, growing for about an average of 4 years, eventually falling out, replaced by new hair. Baldness, then occurs when these very follicles, shrink over time, resulting in thinner hair, and then ultimately at a point in time, stop producing hair completely. Though a closer examination discloses that these follicles are still very well alive.

Common Hair Loss

The causes for female pattern baldness are not understood due to the lack of research, but some sources commonly attributed to it are:

  • Deviations in the levels of androgens (male hormones).
  • A Family History

Hair loss in women, besides female pattern baldness, can also occur due to wear and tear as well as some diseases, such as:

  • Breaking of hair due to twisting and turning.
  • Abnormalities since birth.
  • Certain autoimmune syndromes.
  • Misbalances in hormones.
  • Chemo Therapy.
  • Pregnancy or surgery.

The Underlying solution?

Though the causes of female baldness can be numerous, there is only one sure fire way to rid of this with satisfying results.

Hair transplant.

Though sometimes an expensive solution, depending on where and what type of solution you opt for. This is by far the only solution that produces, consistent and long lasting results. The process consists of removing small plugs of hair from areas where hair is plentiful, to areas that are balding.

This can cause minor scarring where the hair is removed. There is a small chance of scarring, from where the hair is removed, but overall the results are well worth the trouble. Due to recent advances in hair transplant technology one can also opt for the Non-Surgical hair loss solution. The people at Vivandi Trichology in Dubai offer both if you are having trouble choosing. You can book an appointment to consult a solution best suited for your needs.

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